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10 Funny mind trick Questions

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Mind trick questions help in challenging one’s common sense and in being alert.  They are a think out of the box questions and work out correctly to challenge that brain and ensure it is alive.

Examples of trivia questions are:

  1. Name the four planets in the solar system that are also called Gas Giants.

Answer: Uranus, Saturn, Neptune, and Jupiter.

  1. What are the four main blood groups that are found in humans?

Answer: A, AB, B, and O.

  1. One of the common words used in Latin is “Caveat emptor” Meaning?

Answer: Buyer beware.

  1. I the 14th century, a certain disease killed thousands of people who were living in Europe. What was its name?


The Bubonic Plague.

Examples of Funny mind trick Memes

Mind trick memes are questions that inform of pictures or illustrations designed to trick someone’s mind and come up with an answer.

  1. Pick a number from 1-9. Multiply by 2. Add six. Subtract the number you started with an answer. Try as many as possible and compare the answer.

It should be three.

  1. Test your reading style and confirm if you can read this.

Kcech fi ouy era elba ot raed this tnemetats dna wonk woh gnorts dna evitca ruoy dnim si

Answer: Check if you can read this statement and know how sharp and active your mind is.

1.i miss you
2. you are beautiful
3 . forever friends
4.wish you belong to me
5. I hate you.
6. I want to marry you
7. jack of all trades
8. you are crazy
9.marvelous is my name
10. cant live without you

Mind trick text messages.

These are messages that can trick someone before you understand their meaning and they are just designed to make your day exciting. Some of these messages are.

  1. Balloon messages. They are sent to someone with nicely bunch of various colors of balloons before you read the actual message. It tricks one that it’s just beauty, but it is a combination of a text and the beauty.
  2. Love messages. When the message has been sent, it is received with an image of a big red heart usually to express the sense of love.
  3. In case of the celebrations-The screen turns dark and keeps sending some beautiful sparkles of gold that have a meaning, for instance, New Year celebrations as per the traditions of each nationality.