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3 Questions to Ask Before Donating to Charity

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The number of homeless, poor, hungry, jobless and destitute people in the world is more than high. The situation is truly alarming considering the fact that the world has adequate resources for all its inhabitants. The root of the problemlies in unequal distribution of these resources. However, even having full knowledge and understanding of the problem, we are unable to solve the issue. That is not to say, that we are not trying. There are multiple non-profit organizations in the world that are helping the destitute overcome these crisis. 

But these organizations depends heavily on financial help from other people and that’s why people from all over the world donate to charitable organizations. However, there are also some unauthorized and corrupt institutes that embezzle funds and use them to personal benefits. People needs to beware of such organizations and this article highlights some questions you need to ask a non-profit organization before donating to them.

Does the Charity Clearly Articulates its Mission?

There are far too many problems in the world for a single non-profit organization to solve. A charity that simply claims that they want to help people but does not articulate how, is the organization you need to steer clear off. Choose an organization that clearly states what problem they are addressing and which methods they employ. A ideal example for this is the YadezravShulamit in Israel that solely focuses on providing food for hungry children and teenagers.

What are the Short Term Goals of the Charity?

A charitable organization is just like any other business. You need proper strategy and tactics in order to reach a goal. There are quantifiable objectives and results that the organization needs to achieve. Inquire about the short term as well as the long term goals of the charity/Yad Ezra V’Shulamitbefore making donations to them. This will help you ensure that your donation is reaching the right people without any delay.

Can the Charity Provideits Financial Details?

This is probably the most important question to ask before donating to a charity. If a charity does not provide all the information about its finances and the use of funds, you need to avoid it at all cost. Reputable and authorized non-profit organization clearly state their financial details on the official website. You should check them before making a donation and do not be afraid to ask for it, if they don’t have it on their website.