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30 Minutes of Exercise is Effective, Study Shows

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Most people have become very conscious of their fitness and have taken to the gym to gain and maintain their strength. The long-held belief is that the longer you spend in the gym, the better the results. However, this notion is not entirely accurate, as it has been proven that you can achieve incredible results even with less time in the gym. To improve the rate at which you reach your desired fitness level, you can try steroids. You can conveniently purchase quality steroids online at muscle fax and get the best bargains.

Would you like to work out for less time yet see similar results as you would for a longer exercise time? Read on for an in-depth look:

The study

A study that was published in the American Journal of Physiology set out to demonstrate that working out for 30 minutes was sufficient to induce weight loss. The study was conducted by researchers from the University of Copenhagen, who recommended workout programs to 60 weighty but healthy men. Half did workouts for 30 minutes a day, while the other half exercised for 1  hour a day. The two groups exercised for 13 weeks. Both groups were doing the physical activity while wearing a heart-rate monitor and calorie counter.

The results of the study

The men who exercised for 30 minutes per day registered more weight loss and burnt the same quantity of fat during the 13-week study. Contrary to the researchers’ expectations, they burned even higher amounts of calories. According to a  report by one of the researchers, on average those in the 30-minute group lost 3.6kg in three months while those in the 1 hour group lost 2.7kgs during the same period. The loss in body mass was about 4kg for both sets of men. This shows that working out for 30 minutes is enough to lose weight.

Explanation of the results

The researchers were of the opinion that the men in the 30-minute group were motivated to work harder, as the recommended 30 minute workout was less daunting. Also, spending less time in the gym allowed them to have sufficient rest and recovery time between the sessions. The researchers also thought that the 30 minute group were  more energetic after the sessions, and as such would even do more physical activity after the daily sessions. On the other hand, the 60 minute group possibly ate more, thereby neutralising the additional calories lost.

The conclusion from the study

The findings from the research gives hope to people with moderate excess weight -the majority of adults – that effective exercise is easier to achieve than many believe. The findings of the study also align with the American Heart Association’s physical activity guidelines. The guideline recommends 150 minutes a week of moderate exercise, or 30 minutes per day, spread over five sessions per week. Several other studies also concur,  as they have demonstrated that splitting the thirty minutes session into two or three segments lasting 10 to 15 minutes is equally effective for a healthy heart.