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4 Ways To Make Moving Easier And Fun

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Moving out is often know to be stressful and strenuous work. However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t have fun during the process. You will be moving to a new life and home after all so make the memories count.

Make sure to do the basics of moving first, such as renting a reliable vehicle from Self Move Hire, if you are making a move without professional help or in a tight budget. Having the proper van or truck to carry your items will ensure that your move is a lot less stressful and the money you will save is all worth it. If you are ready to know more about how to make your move more fun, then keep on reading down below.

  1. Create A Playlist For Packing And Unpacking

Listening to a happy song during the move can make you feel more cheerful since music and mood are closely interrelated. Such mood changes not only affect how you feel; they can also change your perception of things so utilize music to your advantage. Create two playlists, one for your packing day and another for the day of unpacking. Choose songs that are motivating like peppy dance music for your packing playlist and relaxing songs for unpacking. You can also add a playlist as you drive your vehicle to your new home or apartment. If you don’t have a van or truck yet, visit this site for affordable and reliable vehicles for rent that is perfect for your move.

  1. Work Smart And Make Life Easier

While working on packing your items and belongings, look for any and every opportunity to make your life easier by working smarter instead of harder. For instance, leave the clothes inside furniture dressers rather than taking everything out and packing it separately and wrap up your dresser to ensure none of the drawers move. For clothes that are on hangers in your closet, leave them on the hangers save yourself from unnecessary work. Make sure when you stack up your items, you leave them in the same order they were in if you like how they were organized to minimize your work even more.

Other items, such as flatware and kitchen tools that are already in drawer organizers should be left inside and packed that way. When you get to your new home, you can take them directly out of the box and place them right into a drawer.

  1. Go With Smaller Boxes


There may be times when you will require big boxes but using small boxes will make your life relatively easier. They are easier to carry despite having a lot in quantity. You can also use bankers’ boxes since you don’t need tape to put them together, are very manageable and stacks up perfectly. The process of moving quickly and knowing that you can carry the boxes hassle-free can make your move happier. At the same time, every box you unpack will feel like little accomplishments that will motivate you more.

  1. Set Up a Bribe Reward

Create a bribe goal, not just for yourself, but for the families and friends as well that will be helping you. This will keep them motivated and work hard to achieve that goal. For instance, you can agree to set up a spa treatment session for yourself if you can pack all your boxes in one week. You can do the same for your families and friends, try to make your bribes budget-friendly and fun for everyone.

Moving can be very stressful, so when you figure out what tricks and tips work best for you, do more of them so you will have more fun in the process.

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Final Word

Following these tips won’t feel like you just got out of a spa, but it will alleviate all the stress and make your memories of moving a happy one.