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5 Professional Office Design Tips

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An office is a place of business, which means it has to create a productive environment. Now, if the office design isn’t perfect, it’s going to clash with productivity, which can eventually lead to closing the business altogether.

This is why business owners want to pay attention to office design and maybe think about getting some advice from the professionals. If you take all the problems that bad office designing creates, you’ll be surprised at how important office space is to function properly. In fact, just a great office design alone can do wonders for personnel.

So, in light of doing the most with available office space, here are some valuable considerations, offered by commercial property experts at HL Decorating, to make.

1. Ensure There’s Enough Natural Lighting

The reason why windows could be considered an issue is probably because managers think personnel will get distracted. In reality, natural light is such a good thing for boosting productivity. According to research, working with natural light decreases eye fatigue and enhances mood. This is because people are wired to work with the naturally changing “light” levels provided by the sun, as opposed to consistent fluorescent lighting. Taking into consideration that natural light also comes with Vitamin D, it’s always a good idea to make large windows part of the main plan.

In order to get more natural light into the office, consider breaking down some of the interior walls, or replace them with glass ones. This is a great way to make workstations feel less claustrophobic.

2. Insert Some Break-Away Areas

Break-away areas shouldn’t be seen as places where employees will simply eat lunch. These areas need to represent much more, which is why there has to be more than one. Having a non-bookable break-away area will allow employees to interact on a more casual level, making their work environment more pleasant and exciting. It’s also inside these casual areas where employees can get their best ideas.

3. Stay Organised

Above everything else, an office needs to stay organised. But the design of the office can hinder this element, for example, insufficient storage. For some reason, business owners rarely think about creating enough storage space. And it’s exactly this oversight that infuriates them later on, seeing as too little storage space is very high on the list of typical office design issues.

But other small things can also be addresses, such as removing bins from workstations. This will prevent a build-up of unnecessary junk, which ultimately just turn into a distraction.

4. Think About Some Furniture

People who work in the office will probably spend most of their day sitting. Now, if the furniture is cheap and unsupportive, it’s going to cause lower-back pain, among other things. This is just one example of the bad things associated with investing in cheap furniture.

The point is to ensure employees have quality furniture to use for work purposes as the more comfortable they are, the better they can function on the job in front of them.

5. What About Office Branding?

You probably already know how important it is to brand the business and this usually includes something like stationary. But there’s no reason to stop there when you can take it a step further. You can brand the office, using the space where everyone can see it. The more visibility you can create for the brand, the more people will start associating with it.

Another tip in terms of branding, why not get a logo created? Choose a feature wall for the logo or get a logo created if the business doesn’t have one already, then get that logo on the wall. But why stop there? Try your best to make clients see it in and around the office and even on the employees.

Office design should be approached with great care and thought. It will have a great influence on the productivity levels, functionality and not to mention on the mood of employees. So, your best option is to approach a professional agency or individual in the field and take things from there. Everything becomes a lot clearer with an expert helping you out.