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5 Things to Check Before Partnering with a Corporate Events Agency

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Entrepreneurs and CEOs understand the importance of proper planning of each event. Most organizations have failed to achieve their seminar or workshops’ objectives due to poor event management. Such may be because most businesses have neither the capacity nor the resources for proper event planning. Fortunately, event management companies have come in to salvage the situation.

There are significant benefits of having a corporate event agency handle your events. First, they have the time, the skill and the technology. Secondly, the price they charge for their services is way much insignificant to the extended cost of a poorly planned event. Above all, they bear the stress of figuring out the nitty-gritty of the event.

Now, if you are considering partnering with an event manager, here are four objects to check out.

  1. Relevance

Ensure the skill set, experience and specialization of the agency are in line with your needs and professional preferences. Simply put, do not go for an expert in organizing high school discos if all you want is someone to plan high profile seminars and workshops and vice versa.

  1. Experience

It only takes the work of skilled web developer to create a flashy website and a creative marketer to add a few properly chosen keywords to entice prospective clients. However, at the end of the day what counts for your money is the ability to get work done. There is no better way to prove an agency’s ability than its track record.

Find out what they agency has done in the past. If possible contact the said client and confirm some facts that seem exaggerated. Dealing with new agencies is tricky. But if you have to choose them, then do it cautiously and at your own risk.

  1. Testimonials

For businesses worth their salt, experience comes with testimonials from satisfied customers. They should have these in their marketing materials or website. Ask to see these testimonials and if possible contact the clients. Committed firms will not wait for you to make the request.

  1. Qualifications

You do not want quacks soiling your corporate image with their unprofessional work ethics. The corporate events agency that you choose must have properly trained professionals. Yes, there are colleges that teach event management.

  1. Insurance

Now, which responsibilities do you want the event manager to undertake? Does their insurance cover take care of that? These are questions that you must answer sufficiently before settling on a corporate events agency.

The term, “event management insurance’, may mean anything. So read through to see if it covers the important things. For example, if you are going to entrust the agency with handling supply of event decorations, find out if their insurance policy covers that.