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6 Item Types To Ditch When You Downsize

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Find out about 6 items recommended to ditch when you need to reduce the amount of stuff that you own.

Downsizing can apply to reducing the items in cheap self storage, the items you own, or to moving to a smaller home, which will inevitably involve decreasing the items you possess. It can be difficult to know what to get rid of, especially when you aren’t big into decluttering. This list of 6 item types you must ditch when you downsize will help you start reducing the items you own quickly and easily:

  1. Clothes

Disposable fashion means that we all have about ten times more clothes than we need. It can be so tempting to keep hold of those leggings that are comfy but have a hole in that proves embarrassing whenever you forget it is there, or that hat you know will look beautiful once you lose ten pounds, you just haven’t managed it yet. Anything designer, you might want to keep as an heirloom or to sell at a later date, in which case cheap self storage is a great idea. You can try, for example. Otherwise sell, give to charity or chuck.

  1. Books, DVD’s and CD’s

Once you have read a book, how likely is it you will read it again? How expensive would it be to buy it again if you do decide to read it in the future? With a Kindle, do you really need a real book at all? Ditch the books and let somebody else enjoy them! The same goes for CD’s and DVD’s which lets face it, are just dust collectors now.

  1. Out Of Season Items

Ski items, camping items, sports items for the summer, garden furniture – how many things do you store that take up tons of space, but you only use them for one season? Cheap self storage is a great option for items like these, clearing space in your home and keeping the items safe until next season.

  1. Unwanted Gifts

Are you the kind of person that stores gift bags full of all the gifts you got for Christmas for the entire year without really sorting them out? The chances are, 75% of those gifts are tat you don’t want. Now is the time to gift them to charity so they don’t take up space in your house anymore.

  1. Ornaments

Ornaments are the kinds of things that are impulse bought which means that we can end up with loads of them without really wanting them there. IE you have an ornament you liked once but now it has been collecting dust so long you don’t even enjoy it, it is just there, like a shelf or a wall. Go around and minimise your ornaments, wrapping them for sale or for charity, you will be surprised how much fresher your home feels after.

  1. Mugs

How many people have mugs for best, mugs that are sentimental, mugs for the builders and so on. Mugs can simply breed in the cupboard if you aren’t careful but luckily they are the easiest thing to get rid of when you downsize. Have the mugs you absolutely love only, plus a few extras for guests. The rest will make great charity shop fodder and clear space in your cupboards.

Downsizing your belongings can be very therapeutic and very good for mental health, as well as your bank balance if it enables you to move into a smaller space, or make some money selling your unwanted things. Do be ruthless and do throw items out either by room or category to enable you to complete tasks in bite size pieces.