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6 Tips For Embracing A Hygge Home In Winter

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Find out how to enhance your homes comfort and cosiness with the Danish concept of Hygge.

Hygge means comfort and cosiness and for most people it is about enhancing life with special memories and moments.

Hygge can be heavily applied to the home and how we set our decor up, because it is about feeling warm and happy, making the spaces we live in feel inviting and completely set up for relaxation and good times. In winter, Hygge becomes even more relevant as we all hibernate and spend more time indoors. Would you like to make your home more comfortable and cosy this winter? Here are 10 tips to help you embrace a Hygge home this winter:

  1. Bring In Nature

Hygge is  connected to Scandinavia where decor is all about bringing nature into the home. You could do this with natural stone floor tiles (such as from Décor Tiles), with plants, pictures of forests – any way you like. A great excuse for bringing more life into the home, which can become stuffy over winter.

  1. Natural Light And Soft Light

Hygge calls for having as much natural light as possible, especially when it’s the height of winter and it always seems to be dark. When the darkness has crept in, soft lighting like candles and fairy lights create a lovely environment to spend time in. Clean those windows, buy some candles and embrace the light in any which way for a proper Hygge look.

  1. Declutter

All Scandinavian decor styles call for clean lines and minimalism so clutter is a no no if you want to embrace Hygge.

  1. Go Multi-Sensory

To feel truly cosy and comfy you need to appeal to all the senses. A nice scent, cosy feeling blankets, some gentle tunes (or just the sound of the rain pouring outside) – go multi-sensory for ultimate cosiness.

  1. Invite Friends Over

To make memories you can do nice things along, but Hygge really encourages spending time with others because it is a mood booster. Chuck a rug and some cushions on those lovely floor tiles, and invite your friends over for a winter indoor picnic by the fire. Invest in a trendy kitchen bench and table and have a hot chocolate making party. Be creative and enjoy being around those you love.

  1. Set Up Cosy Spaces

For reading or watching films, cosy spaces are a must. Ideally they are placed by a window where you can see and hear the cold weather outside, enhancing how cosy you feel inside. Add some cushions, a lap table and luxurious blankets and have yourself a good read, nap or film-watching session whenever you feel like being indulgent.

Hygge is all about making special memories and moments, and when applied to the home, your ultimate goal is making it inviting to yourself and to guests. Do enjoy the process and do take pride in creating a cosy environment, so that in your decorating you’re already getting some ‘Hygge’ feelings before you’ve even sat down.