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7 Flower This Valentine To Substitute Traditional Roses

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The red roses have always been the top-notch choice when it comes to expressing your love. This might be one of the important, influential reasons which lead to a sudden escalation in the pricing of roses on the verge of Valentine. Send flowers to Chandigarh this Valentine to pamper them with your unconditional love.

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If you were to plan to send a bouquet of roses, other additional options beyond roses would mark a distinction this valentine:


If your relationship is at its initial stages or you are going to propose her this valentine, a bouquet of Ranunculus is best to go with. It mainly symbolises that you are interested in someone and gives a clear indication that you are looking forward to getting into a serious relationship with them.

Gardenia Flower

This stunning flower reflects the harmony and deep understanding in a relationship and hence considered as an excellent substitute to the traditional rose flower. If you are looking for a stable and long relationship, this is the best flower to choose. From its unique fragrance to its pleasing looks, this flower gives you all the reasons to pick-it-up for your D-day.

Gerbera Daisy

With its vibrant colour, this flower denotes purity, cheerfulness and innocence. Similar to sunflower, the bright variants of this flower concludes a majestic bouquet without inching your pockets much.


Denoting Friendship, prosperity and devotion, this fragrance-free flower is the best choice for those allergic to the floral fragrances. Also known as Lily of the Incas or Peruvian Lily, it grows in the chilly mountain climate. This flower is the best deal for the one who wants to express their divine love this valentine.


A perfect substitute to the roses, these flowers incredibly matches the petal pattern of roses. This feature makes them a preferred choice as a suitable flower for Valentine. A wide range of colours as red, pink and purple can be chosen from to craft a perfect Valentine Bouquet. Indicate fascination and love, this flower surely deserves to take the lead this Valentine.

Love Feelings 10 Red Carnations

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Purple Orchids

Orchids have been ranked as the most expensive flower, and even on Valentine Day, it experiences higher price inflation due to its increased demand. Represent strength, luxury and delicate beauty, these flowers are the best way to show someone, how special they are for you. These universal flowers emotionally weights beyond your expectations.

Purple Orchids 10 Orchids

Purple Orchids 10 Orchids by Way2flowers

Yellow & Purple Irises

Not just perfect as Valentine day gifts, this is an apt birthday gift for the ones who are born in February. Online flowers delivery in Gurgaon is easy with online florists. It is one of the romantic gifts which symbolise harmony, passion among the two.
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