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8 Surprising Health Benefits of Electric Mattress Pad

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Most people looking for an alternative heating source for sleep tend to ask about the dangers of using an electric mattress pad. But, surprisingly, they fail to consider the benefits that can be derived from it. A study featured in the National Center for Biotechnology Information website emphasized that the dangers of cancer by electric mattress pad and blanket has been proven to be nonexistent. So let’s focus on the good things, shall we?

The seventh, being the simplest, but also the biggest benefit should not be missed. Read everything to understand the full health benefits of sleeping on an electric mattress pad tonight!

Back Pain Relief

An electric mattress pad has the ability to relieve pain by improving blood circulation and helping you to release the tension on the back. The common reason for lower back pain is tension and stress on the lower part due to daily workload. It can be exacerbated if you have scoliosis or another type of backbone problem.

This temporary relief can help you sleep better at night and be free of the pain that haunts when you sleep on the cold mattress. You can maintain the heat throughout the night for as long as you want.

Sore Muscles Relief

Sore muscles are also relieved with the help of the heating mattress pad. Tension on your muscles can cause pain and put your body on edge. It will also tire you faster if you don’t quickly relax. At this state, working to the best of your abilities is greatly affected.

With the help of a mattress pad, after coming home from a tired day at work, turn on the mattress pad for 20 minutes to relieve your sore muscles.

Better Sleep

A lot of factors from heating mattress pads support a better night’s rest. Relieving back pain and sore muscles are just some factors. There’s also the fact that some people prefer to sleep warm and that cold brick feel when you climb into your bed can keep you awake for a while.

If you look forward to a quick way to get yourself comfortable and to lessen the toss and turn, installing an electric mattress pad is a quick and affordable way. A heating mattress pad can also preheat and you won’t shiver from having to lay your back on freezing bed sheet anymore.

Better sleep quality also means improved life quality as sleep is a major need for any human. Lack of sleep can lead to several dangerous health issues, reduces coordination and focus which may lead to dangerous work accidents.

Raynaud’s Phenomenon

Raynaud’s phenomenon is a symptom that is caused by cold weather. It often happens after playing in the snow for a while or staying outdoor for too long. On rare cases, it can be caused by nervousness.

The symptoms are changing colors of finger, toes, the tip of your nose or ears. It’s due to the spasm of blood circulation to the end of those parts of the body, putting it in a lack of oxygen state momentarily. You may feel extreme cold or numbness on these parts of the body.

Heating yourself up is obviously the fastest way to fix this. A heating mattress pad can be dialed high to warm up faster and reduces the syndrome. It’s best to keep yourself warm for a couple of minutes afterward. Dial the heat down to a suitable temperature to stay comfortable.

In cases that stress or nervousness is the cause, putting the patient in a warmer state can calm the heart down and allow blood to circulate back normally.

Tension/Stress Relief

The tension and stress of working for the whole day can burden you and put you down. Warming up the body has been known to calm the mind and reduce the stress on your body. A heating mattress pad can also be configured to emit heat at the temperature that you want, allowing you to relax in your most comfortable zone.

Don’t forget that it can also be used on your high-quality mattress. If you’ve been using natural latex mattress and want that support but also the heat from an electric mattress pad, it will still work! Mattress pads do not block the benefits of your expensive mattress just because it’s layered above it. On the other hand, if you buy a mattress pad with more than 6 ounces of padding, you won’t feel a thing on the cord.

Fibromyalgia Relief

Fibromyalgia or fibrositis can happen when you least expect it. The pain spreads throughout the body and makes you feel like you’re bruised all over your body. It’s an incurable condition and the only thing one can do is alleviate the pain when it happens.

Several symptoms of fibromyalgia are mood swings, pain ranging from sharp to dull, increased sensitivity to coldness and increased tension on muscles. All these symptoms can improve if the sufferer warms up and be removed from any cold surfaces. Some people who have it worse may even feel hurt when touched.

Buyers can also use the heating mattress pad when you wish to meditate or engage in another type of relaxation activity. Keeping the blood circulation clear is also important to improve pain management when it happens. It can also happen at night when you’re sleeping, which is why having a heating mattress pad is perfect for such condition.

Improve Blood Circulation

It’s a fact that blood expands when the body’s temperature increases. The heart will also pump more blood across the body, improving health for people with low blood pressure. Improved blood circulation also means that oxygen is being spread equally throughout the body. It helps with a lot of symptoms, which will also improve your sleeping experience.

Several medical conditions that will improve with better blood circulation are a stroke, carpal tunnel syndrome, cardiovascular diseases, cramps, numbness, as well as vertigo.

Better Side-sleeping Experience

For people that sleep on their side, they will find sleeping on heating mattress pad the best thing they could ask for. A very prominent problem for lateral or side sleepers is numbness on their arm and pain on the shoulder. All these can be minimized with a heating pad as it promotes blood circulation and also reduces pain from having several points on the body pressured.

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