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9 Tips To Make Your Home Feel Festive This Christmas

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Styling your home is the best possible way to get your family in the festive spirit. This holiday season, go the extra mile and give your house the seasonal makeover it deserves. These décor tips don’t have to cost a fortune – they’re easily doable on a budget, and will add instant Christmas cheer to even the most Grinch-like family.

  1. Add a personal touch. Your décor should suit your family perfectly, so why not opt for personalised christmas decorations instead of generic store-bought items? You can get stockings with your children’s names stitched on them, their own personal Santa sacks, and tons of festive items that will thrill the kids.
  2. Create a centrepiece for your dining room. Build up to the big Christmas dinner by using a centrepiece on your dining room table throughout the holiday season. A bowl filled with ornamental fruits, pinecones, or candles can be ideal for creating a cosy atmosphere and adding an interesting touch to your table. Take the opportunity to get creative and think outside of the box – play with the style each day and build up to a grand finale on Christmas day.
  3. Make a creative card display feature. Don’t hide all those holiday cards away. Make your own display by hanging them up along the banister, or stitching them together to make a piece for your wall.
  4. Turn your tree into a treat station. Mix up the Christmas tree decorations by adding some surprise treats alongside the usual baubles. Hang candy canes, popcorn wreaths, and other sweet snacks and let your children pick one each day for a post-dinner surprise.
  5. Get the kids to design their own wreaths. Hold a festive craft session with your family where everyone designs their own personal wreath. Use a variety of materials so each wreath will have its own individual sense of character.
  6. Don’t neglect the fairy lights. When the festive spirit is lagging in your home, you can never go wrong with fairy lights. Decorate your patio and indoor area with multi-coloured lights – you can even hang some in the bedrooms so the whole home is filled with Christmas cheer.
  7. Play with candlelight. Candles add an old-fashioned, warming feel to your home throughout the holiday season. Create a display area with candlesticks of varying lengths for a unique, beautiful décor feature in your living room. Once the lights go out, your home will instantly feel more festive.
  8. Light some holiday candles. When picking the candles for your décor, why not throw in some scented options to add an additional sensory experience to your holiday decorations? Many stores offer holiday themed scented candles that will fill your space with the smell of cinnamon, cookies, or whatever seasonal scents you love the most.
  9. Build a gingerbread house. Kids love to get involved in the process of decorating the home for the holidays, and there’s no décor piece that’s more delicious and fun than a gingerbread house. You can buy a kit with all of the instructions included, or make your own homemade gingerbread and get creative with the architectural designs. Don’t forget some edible glitter and a toy Santa to make your gingerbread house feel fully festive.