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A Few Things to Consider Before Installing Bathroom Heated Floor

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Radiant Floor heating system’s popularity has been increasing from the last few years. Moreover, people tend toward installing a radiant heating floor in the bathroom is growing rapidly for some good reasons. It gives the nice and warm feeling during stepping into the bathroom wherever your bathroom is either in the corners of the house, basements, or above garages. A few things to consider before installing an in floor heating systems into a bathroom are as below:

Flooring Material

A wide variety of heating floor material is available in the market and every type of material can be used, however, a few of them have some special features that work well with bathroom than others. If you are planning to use ceramic, porcelain or natural stone tiles, then electric floor warming system is an ideal solution for it. On the other side, Vinyl, Wood, and Laminate tiles have some temperature limitations; it works well if the flooring work is done by the experienced installers.


Heating floors with uncoupling technology are considered the best as they give surety that the floors won’t be vulnerable to cracks. For example, DITRA-HEAT or DITRA-HEAT-TB comes with uncoupling technology that allows for movement between the tile and the substrate. Furthermore, it successfully neutralizes the differential movement stresses between the different layers of the floor; as a result, there is no chance of cracking and delaminating of the tiled surface.


Installation should be done by a professional as they have huge experience in making connection according to the local building and electrical codes. If the system is improperly installed, it may pose severe issues and fixing them can be a big headache. An experienced professional usually perform a resistance test and continuity test before covering the heating elements for a successful installation. If it is not done so, your entire system installation may fail and you have to start from the beginning which can be quite time consuming and costly.


Customization of a bathroom is not everyone’s cup of tea as it is the most awkward space in a house that needs a lot of calculation before installing the radiant floor heating system. Usually, DITRA-HEAT sheets are available in a role and in different sizes of the rooms. Thus, they are quite easy to install in a room than a bathroom. You have to consider what type of material you will need and how much quantity will be needed before installation. If you do not have any idea about such measurements, you may take help from an expert.