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Best Practices for Dealing with Fear When You’re Scared of a Dentist

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Do you fear to visit a dentist? If your answer is yes, you aren’t alone.  Stats Canada report that 40% of the Canadian population has a strong fear of dentists. This means that only a few people look forward to taking a seat comfortably in a dentist’s office.

But, what brings about this fear and how can you deal with it?  There are many reasons why someone may be afraid of a dentist. Some people feel embarrassed about their overall oral health while others think that it is going to hurt.

Some patients also attribute their fear of a dentist to past experiences that weren’t so good. No matter the cause of your concerns or anxiety, there is a solution. Here are some of the easy ways of dealing with dental anxiety and phobias.

Be Honest about Your Fears

The first step in dealing with your dental anxiety and fears is admitting the problem and being honest with yourself and your dentist about your worries. Your dentist is already aware of the fact that these fears are real and they won’t judge or dismiss you harshly.

Instead, they will look for ways of working with you to come up with a comprehensive plan that will help you feel comfortable and more relaxed during your routine appointment.

Embrace Sedation Dentistry

One practice that can help you overcome your anxiety and fear is sedation dentistry. Some dentists are open to the idea of administering sedatives to help keep you calm and relaxed during your appointment.

These sedatives may include nitrous oxide, a local anesthetic, or oral sedation. However, you need to keep in mind that not all dentists are qualified to administer sedatives.

Therefore, make sure that you speak to your dentist to determine which sedative they can administer and which one might work best for you.

Have Someone Come With You

Having a friend or relative who doesn’t fear a dental practitioner can give you the additional solace and emotional support that you need to help you feel comfortable and relaxed. If you are visiting your dentist Laval office for an operation, ask your dentist whether your friend or relative can stay with you in the operation room during the entire process.

Just having someone around who understands how you feel and is ready to provide you with the much-needed consolation is enough to make you stay strong. Plus, that person may also speak for you in times when you can’t talk which helps you to be in control of the situation.

Bring a Distraction

If you can’t bring someone along with you, consider carrying a distraction that will divert your attention away from the procedure. Many dentists have televisions in their treatment room to serve as a distraction during an operation.

If your dentist doesn’t have a television or any other thing that can distract you, consider bringing headphones and a music player so that you can listen to your favorite music during the oral treatment process.

Even better, consider creating a new album so that you will be concentrating more on the new songs that you haven’t heard before.

Try Various Relaxation Techniques

Controlled breathing, visualizations, prayer, and meditation techniques can make a significant difference when it comes to relaxation. Every time you feel anxious, take a deep breath, hold it in for a few seconds and let out slowly. This will help to slow your heartbeat and relax your mind.