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Celebrating Your Birthday Help save a Life: Crowdfunding Ideas

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As children, nearly all of us are guilty of being excited when our birthdays approached. We’d look forward to the gifts, the cake, the party and most of all, the attention! But as we grew older, birthdays stopped being special and a celebration wasn’t much more than a nice dinner with a few close friends. And we like it this way.

But what if there’s a way to turn birthdays into an impactful event where lives are saved? That’s exactly what Mayank and Shrija proved right. How did they do it? Crowdfunding, of course!

How crowdfunding works

Crowdfunding works on the principle of asking for small contributions from a large population of people through storytelling and sharing on social media. The funds are then used to make a dream project or cause a reality. Platforms like Impact Guru see dozens of new fundraisers on a daily basis, and hundreds of success stories in a year.

The crowdfunding India industry majorly serves two kinds of causes: Nonprofit and medical. These are the type of stories that move Indian givers the most. Thousands of organizations that work for underprivileged communities, environmental causes and so on turn to platforms like Impact Guru to tell their stories, raise awareness and find donors.

The industry also serves patients in the same way; low and middle income patients who struggle with large medical bills take aid through crowdfunding India. The country’s quality healthcare services are largely unaffordable for most of its population, making crowdfunding a popular option because of its convenience.

How Mayank and Shrija celebrated their birthdays through giving

When they realized they were both turning 25 during the same week, Mayank and Shrija turned to crowdfunding as well. Not for their own benefit, but for the benefit of underprivileged girls at Nanhikali, an NGO that strives to educate the Indian girl child. It was a spontaneous decision, and yet it worked so well! Mayank admits that he would have loved a watch for his birthday, but decided he wanted to mark the milestone in a special way; and what better path to choose than giving?

Mayank had found Nanhikali through a client and had known he wanted to get involved in some way. Thus the NGO was chosen. They began fundraising a few days before their birthdays and set a humble goal of Rs 30,000 and told all of their friends to donate to this fundraiser rather than giving them gifts! In 3 days, over double the goal amount was met! They raised nearly Rs 75,000, enough to impact the lives of 24 girls through quality education!

Mayank and Shrija have got us thinking: why wait for that milestone birthday? Why can’t every birthday be celebrated by bringing a smile to another’s face? In fact, scientific research agrees with us when we say that people become happier when they give than when they spend on themselves!

Consider impacting lives through crowdfunding India on your next birthday! We bet you’ll feel like a child again, excited to make the best of your day!