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Check These Side Effects Of Stanozolol In Detail!

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Most bodybuilders swear by the benefits of Stanozolol, and it continues to remain one of the most popular steroids in the market today. Stanozolol is an anabolic compound, which is made artificially in a lab. Like other steroid, it will have a few good and bad effects on the body, and as a user, you have to take a call on whether you want to proceed with Stanozolol in the first place. In this post, we will talk about the side effects of this steroid in detail.

 Points of concern

  • Stanozolol is known to impact the cholesterol levels, and therefore, if you are already dealing with cholesterol problems, you should avoid most of the steroids, including Stanozolol. This steroid can lower HDL level and increase the level of LDL. If you are still looking forward to using this steroid, you have to consider diets that are full of fatty acids.
  • Stanozolol does suppress the natural production of testosterone, and that’s a complaint from most users. To be honest, the effect is quite common with most anabolic compounds, which is why bodybuilders use a form of testosterone to maintain the natural level. The drop in testosterone levels will also cause other side effects, such as reduction in sex drive.
  • Stanozolol, in both oral and injectable form, is highly toxic for the liver. The level of enzymes in the liver will increase as you start including a supplement. In most cases, liver function should return to normal once you cease the use of the steroid, but better still, you should take extra steps to protect the organ. Do NOT take steroids if you are prone to liver ailments or take medicines that impact the liver.

Things to note

If you are concerned about the symptoms of virilization and other side effects, the best idea is to use Stanozolol in the right dose. Keep in mind that the extreme cases of side effects are only related to steroid abuse. You can find many resources on dosage and cycle of this steroid, which can come handy in deciding the basic facts. It is also important that you stop taking alcohol completely as you use this steroid or any stack.

Bodybuilding forums also have a lot of information on how you can buy Stanozolol without any extra hassles. Like most other compounds, you cannot buy Stanozolol legally in the US without a prescription.