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Crypto games have made a mark in the gaming market from the last two years and gradually become a favorite of millions of game addicts like the crypto casino games run by various cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Lithium, Ether, Zcash, Monero etc. Other popular cryptocurrency games that are trending in the crypto market are:-

  1. Hunter Coin

It is a multi-player game running on Hunter Coin tokens. It is a mining game, where the player needs to collect HUC coins on a map which is already crowded by other team members doing the same activity. The Players need to collect the coins by killing and destroying the enemy team and earning more coins in the process. The player gets two extra characters initially for free and can but more characters with the help of HUC coins.

  1. Spell of the Genesis

It is a fantasy action game that revolves around saving Askian Valley from the enemies trying to gain control over it. The cards, gold, crystals you gain by battling out the warriors help you earn bonus and special powers to defeat the main enemy. You can use the cards for trading in the game provided you card characters have evolved minimum 3 times.

  1. Beyond the Void

It is a free MOBA game that revolves around space wars. The players are given the facility to use various space equipment to defeat the opposing party and conquer the entire universe. The crypto token used in the game is the Nexium token which can be earned by defeating the enemies in a 1×1 faceoff battle and can be used to purchase war equipment from the in-game collection store.

  1. Augmentors

It is world’s first augmented reality game running on Bitcoin Blockchain and counterparty tokens. The player needs to choose a specific fictional avatar to start their journey of fighting out the enemies in the real world. The game gives the opportunity to train the characters, revitalize them through potions, form a team, and trade them successfully by earning crypto coins.

  1. Cryptokitties

It runs on Etherum Blockchain and Ether tokens that offers the players to breed different species of kittens and trade them online to earn more Ether coins. Each kitten is unique and cannot be destroyed or replicated by an