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Finding gifts for the smoker in your life

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Buying gifts can be a tricky, and often very expensive thing. It is not always easy to find that unique right present; the one that says you have put in a lot of thought and effort, but which at the same time is not one that is going to break the bank. If you are looking to buy a gift for somebody who smokes then you might just be in luck, as, these days, smoking is about so much more than cigarettes and brand loyalty. So, if you know a smoker and they have a birthday coming up, here are a few ideas that you might want to consider.

Try something new

Smoking is no more just about cigarettes. In fact, it is increasingly about enjoying your tobacco, or other substances, in different ways. A great angle to look at is a water pipe. Start with an internet search for a phrase like, ‘bargain bongs online’ and see what comes back. These instruments are a joy to smoke and they are quite easy to find online, with shipping usually delivering the product to your door in a few days. The bong is great because it is water-filtered, meaning that impurities are cleaned out of the smoke before it is inhaled. They have been around for thousands of years and are a whole lot less hassle than rolling your own cigarettes.

Go electronic

The electronic cigarette or vape is a fashion that is on the rise. Very similar to an old school cigarette, in terms of the physical experience, the vape is considered a much healthier alternative. Vapes come in all sorts of flavours which allows for experimentation. In the same way that craft beers and micro-distilled gins have become very popular from an experiential perspective, so too is the vape a great option for smokers who are looking to experience something new.

Old school class

There is nothing that says, ‘I have made it’ quite like smoking a cigar. The cigar itself might not be for everybody from a taste perspective, but that feeling of having a real hand-rolled Cuban on the lips is special. Proper cigars can be very expensive, but the problem can be solved by treating your birthday boy or girl to a trip to a genuine cigar bar. These bars have become quite trendy in recent times with plenty of options available to smoke.

Be the kill-joy

If your smoker friend has been talking about trying to stop smoking for longer than you can remember, then maybe it is time that you gave them the nudge that they need. There are so many tools to help people stop, from pills and patches through to books and hypnotism. Whatever you think will work best for your smoker would no doubt be gratefully accepted, but just make sur that this is something that the recipient wants. If it is only you who wants them to stop smoking, you cannot give them this gift – it would simply be a waste of money. Gifting is all about giving people what they want.