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Have You Reached The Computer Age?

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Are you one of those people who’d much rather type the old-fashioned way and use the computer you bought in a thrift shop?  Or do you find the programs of office applications too complicated for you own taste?  Believe me, you’re not alone.

Today’s high-tech environment has managed to scare off a few traditional people, and they refuse to join the majority and be among the tech-savvy or at least tech-knowledgeable civilization.  I’m sure you’ve heard of computers, right?  In f act, that’s what I’m using right now to encode this article.  It automatically corrects my misspelled words and warns me of grammatical errors by underlining the word or phrase to alert me.  Pretty neat, huh?

The Benefits of Computers

You can do all sorts of things on your computer.  You can write your thesis in Microsoft Word, you can make computations in Excel, edit photos in Photoshop, make an impressive slide-show presentation in Powerpoint, and do just about any other thing you can think of.

When you’ve got nothing else to do on your computer, you can always get online and surf the internet.  You can even invite your friends and family who are far from you to get online and chat the hours away.  It’s way cheaper than making a phone call or sending text messages.

Still not convinced?  How about for research?  You can use the computer for research.  Download the whole encyclopedia in your desktop or laptop and you can browse through it as if you were actually reading the old-time encyclopedia.  Plus, it has videos and pictures that really help.

Or you can get online and research on whatever it is you need.  Hey, the internet can also look up old friends for you – that is, if they have presence on the web.

Utilize It

Look, the only way for you to enjoy your computer and thank high heavens for having it is if you use it to your advantage.  First of all, you must know that there are a lot of ways to screw up your computer usage, one of which is to place your confidential information in online sites.  If you do this, you’ve just invited hackers into your bank account or into your home.

Never, ever under any circumstances, give your real personal information like your home address, what your last name is, where you work, how much you earn, etc.  You are target for scammers if you give these info away.

Now, how do you utilize your computer?  Simple.  Turn to it for every little thing you need to do for work or for school.  You need more information for your term paper?  Get online and research away.  You need to hook up with a friend and you don’t know a good place to go to?  Use the search engines on the web.

The point is, computers can be your best friends if you just know how to use them and take care of them.  Today’s tech-savvy environment compels all of us to embrace change.  Don’t be ashamed if you’re not as adept with computers as the others.  We all started with knowing very little and worked our way around.


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