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How to Select and Register Your Business Domain Name

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In fact choosing a good domain name for your blog is something strictly personal, it has everything to do with the identity of your business anyway, so it is very important to know in advance what is the business niche that will be your blog, to that the name is consistent with your business.

Define your niche market

Plus if the keyword of your business has already been registered, there are other possibilities to register yourself a legal name using your business keyword in the domain name. There is also a free domain generator to use. This is the next tip I’ll leave right below.

Use powerful words in your domain name

It is very likely that the exact keyword of your digital business has already been registered, so even if you want to register, a legal way to do this is to use power words or adjectives for them like:

Pro, Power, Elite, Dominated, Secret, Instinct, Single, Ultimate, Expert, Expert, Rapid, Fast, Your, Your, You, Now, Easy, Guide, Magician.

Give preference to known extensions. There are several extensions that you can use on your site such as;









Of all these best known extensions are .COM which is an extension of international domain and you can also add your country code after .COM extension. Now .Net is also being used a lot and can be a good option if the domain you want is already registered. Get it now.

Register more than one extension on your domain to avoid competition.

If you’re thinking of creating a great project, you’d better have the foresight and avoid competition soon, so register at least the .COM extension to prevent any profiteers from going on the wave of the name you created and get the traffic that would be yours.

Well, people usually think more or less the same way of typing a site in the browser.

“What’s the name of that site anyway?”

Oh yes, I remember, it’s or

So you’ll want to register both of them and then redirect from .COM to .ORG or vice versa.