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How to use Joker wisely in your next rummy game?

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Rummy is one of the best and the most entertaining card games. You can play online Indian rummy games with your friends and family and it is an amazing time pass. It is a very engaging game played with 13 cards and has millions of lovers across the globe. The game is so popular that many rummy games are available online as well. Originated in India, this game is loved all across the world and is one of the best card game in the world. For those who play rummy consistently, they are well aware of the rules of the game. They know that Joker plays a very important role in this game. It is a game turning card and hence needs to be used wisely. So let us understand how one can use the joker wisely in the game of rummy.

Type of Jokers Used in Rummy Game

Before we begin, first let us take a look at the type of jokers. There are two types of joker cards in the game of rummy:

1. Printed Joker

It is commonly known that a pack of cards has 52 cards in total. But in reality, it has 54 cards. The two extra cards are the jokers. They have a joker printed over them. When you have a pure life sequence, then you can use these cards.

2. Cut Jokers

Before the cards are dealt in a game of rummy, they are shuffled well. So after the cards are dealt, one card is picked randomly from the deck of one player and that is described as the cut joker. All the cards of the same rank are then termed as the jokers.

Importance of Joker Card

You can describe the joker card as a wild card in the game of rummy. When the situation isn’t in your favour, then you can replace any of your cards with the joker and turn the tables in your favour. The better you can use the joker card in a rummy game, the more chances you will have of winning. You have to constantly improve your skills of using the joker to win; such is the importance of this card. After you have formed a pure life, you can complete the sequence using the print joker as well as the cut joker cards. But before you use the joker card, you need to remember a few things. These include

  • Joker card can be used multiple times and not just one time
  • Before you call for a ‘show’ make sure that you have a pure life sequence. It is a sequence in which 3 consecutive cards of the same suit are in an order.

How to use a Joker Card?

Before you use the joker card, you need to understand its importance. You need to know that there are limited joker cards and they have a lot of value. They can help you win a game. It can turn the tables on its own and hence needs to be used wisely. Whenever you feel that you can form a sequence, then you should not hesitate in using the joker card. It will help you in completing your game at the earliest and even increase your chances of winning. Your probability of winning a game of rummy increases by many folds when you use the joker card wisely and at the right time. For example, if you are making a sequence of the cards 2, 3 and 4 of the hearts suit then you can replace any one of these cards. In its place, you can use either the printed joker or the cut joker cards. But you need to make sure that before you call for the show, you have made a pure life sequence. Otherwise, you will probably end up losing the game instead of winning it.


So we have seen that rummy is one of the most entertaining game of cards. We learnt how the joker is the most important card in this game and how it can turn the game around. So have a look at how to use the joker card and call your friends and family to have a game of rummy now and use the joker card effectively to win the game.