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Keep calm and verify your pharmacist

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Canada Pharmacy Online

You need to be extra careful when it comes to ordering medicines online. E-commerce has made life smooth for us. Practically every product on the earth today can be delivered at your doorstep today. Medicines are no exception! For almost two decades patients over the world have reaped the benefits of this service. However, an equal number of patients have suffered at the hands of illegal or counterfeit medicines. In the worst case, these medicines have even caused death

How to determine the genuine from fake:

The Canadian International Pharmacy Association or CIPA regulates the dispensing of prescription medications over the internet. This organization was formed in 2002 to safeguard the interests of those who are purchasing medication from Canadian pharmacy online sites:

  • If the website you are browsing has the CIPA seal, you can also check if the website is on the CIPA certified online pharmacy list as well.
  • A virtual giveaway is the lock icon on the taskbar along with https://, where the ‘s’ stands for secure.
  • The website will always ask you to upload a valid medical practitioner’s prescription for order processing
  • Online pharmacies are committed to the privacy of customers. All personal information is handled in accordance with the Personal Information Protection of Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA) and the Personal Information Protection Act (PIPEA)
  • Has a registered company address and telephone number clearly highlighted on the website

A genuine pharmacy portrays its accreditations clearly. Properly written shipping, refund and customer care policy ensures transparency in the operations of the pharmacy. It will carry out its reviews through 3rd party online feedback forums and blog sites. So the next time while you are purchasing meds from a website, do make sure you keep these points in mind. This will make sure your shopping experience is hassle-free and you can be assured of the quality of the product you receive.