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Keep your good credit intact with 0% apr credit cards

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You’ve heard all of the horror stories when it comes to getting in over your head with credit card debt. You’ve worked hard to make sure that you pay all of your debts on time. You have a credit card, but rarely use it. But, then disaster strikes. You get laid off from your job, injured in an accident or even just have a family situation that you have to deal with. Suddenly, your savings are gone, your credit cards are maxed and you don’t know how to get off of this downward spiral. What do you do?

While it might seem counterproductive to open a new credit card account, certain credit card accounts may be the lifeline you’ve been looking for. 0 APR credit cards are credit cards that offer you the ability to make purchases or transfer balances from other accounts and pay 0% in interest. This can help you put more money towards your balances and get out of debt faster without affecting how much money you have to pay out each month and help you keep your good credit intact.Related image

Here’s what you need to know about how to get a 0 APR credit card

The first step is to find an account that meets your needs. You can do this by visiting individual card companies. Or you can take the easier route and visit is a website that offers you the ability to review all of the major credit card company’s offers for 0 APR credit cards and compare the accounts side by side to determine which one meets your needs.

Once you settle on a card that makes sense to you, the next step is applying for the card. Because these accounts are all offered by reputable, large credit card issuers, you can usually apply online with the respective card company. In most cases, you can expect to receive an approval within minutes.

The last step is to get your balances transferred. In some cases you can do this online without even having to wait for your new card to arrive. Other card companies send you checks that you can use to pay off other creditors and transfer the money to your new account. This second option is very useful if you have accounts other than credit cards you want to transfer.

Once you make the transfer, you now have a period of time to pay your debt down without having to pay any interest on it. This period of time will vary from account to account, even from the same issuer, but will usually last at least 3 months. This means that the entire amount of your payment each month will go towards the balance of your debt with nothing going towards interest. You can pay down debt much faster this way and keep your good credit intact.

Take the first step in protecting your good credit and visit today. It might just be the most important step you ever make with regards to your financial stability. You can start your search for a better 0% interest credit card here:

Want a 0% apr credit card but don’t know where to start looking? Stop looking and visit Compare accounts side by side.