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Kitchen Renovation: Top Tips For Beginners

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Read tips for beginners on how to effectively plan a kitchen renovation to suit your family, and to match your budget and style.

Kitchen renovation can be really complex and stressful, especially as a beginner. Just as you think you have answered one question, another one crops up and before you know it, you’re feeling overwhelmed with the whole process. To help you out pre-planning so you know where to start and how to plan your investment properly, we have some top tips to help you:

Question What You Want

The very first thing you need to do is look at the kitchen you currently have and think about what it is you want from your new kitchen. You should also think about how you want to use your kitchen. For example: if you plan to do a lot of cooking and your current kitchen doesn’t have the best functionality or preparation space, that is a good place to start with what you want from your new kitchen.

Look Around

Don’t assume you know the latest in kitchens, especially if yours hasn’t been updated for ten years. There are always new designs, colours, features and technology to include. Do look around and notice which features you are most drawn to. Notice materials you like and colour combinations that work for you. Even if you don’t buy any of the kitchens you see, you can get a good idea of what you can look for on offer or on sale by browsing lots of different showrooms (e.g. Décor Tiles) and online visual collections.

How Much Can You Spend?

Budgeting is so important and you might need to do a little research before you can figure your budget out. But once you do know what you want you must set a budget otherwise labour and little extras can spiral out of control and before you know it, you could end up without money for other renovations you wanted to do.

Can You Fit It Yourself?

Your skills will have a direct impact on how the kitchen is purchased and fitted. If you have carpentry skills and confidently DIY in your home, you could buy bits and pieces and cut them to size and fit them yourself. If you have no experience, you will need to perhaps be a little more complete in your purchase, buying the whole kitchen along with fitting services. You can hire kitchen fitters separately but, they can charge over £1,000 to fit a kitchen whereas lots of companies offer fitting at a reduced rate if you buy the whole kitchen from them.

Plan Well In Advance

Once you have everything from measurements, to preferred materials and a strong idea of what you want for your kitchen, you can plan everything well in advance. That includes browsing for kitchens in sales to get money off, booking a labourer well in advance if they are fitting your kitchen, and getting your family prepared for a few weeks without a kitchen.

Your kitchen renovation is going to be beautiful, as long as you give yourself the time to ensure it will be the right price, functionality, look and build for your home. Do plan well in advance and do give yourself the time to research, it pays off massively to be in the know with an investment as big as a new kitchen.