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Malta is ideal for all types of water sports

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Malta and water sports fit together like two pieces of a puzzle. Amazing sunny weather complemented by calm, blue and clear sea invites anyone who is passionate about water sports to enjoy the perfect environment! There are quite a few water sports activities that you should try when in Malta. Everyone will find his ideal water activity – from the beginner to the expert!


Can’t wait to spend your mornings in the refreshing salty sea? Having your muscles stretched in the water is one of the easiest things to do in Malta. You can’t be more than four kilometres away from the sea wherever you are staying, so change your exercise routine to some swimming instead. Holidays are meant for relaxation and water treatment is the best you can do to yourself. Choose from any beaches around Malta, they all offer amazing blue depths and salty water to help you swim. Say exercise is boring? Not here in Malta.


Love to swim and care about great view too? Choose Malta for your snorkelling holiday. Malta is perfect with its rocky reefs and shore edges decorated by patterned sea shells and colourful fish. Children will also enjoy snorkelling in Malta since there are many shallow beaches where even very young kids will enjoy exploring the bottom of the sea.

Malta’s coast is rich with harmless live creatures. They are all interesting to see because they are so different and colourful, you can spot all types of sea animals even if you are just looking at the very surface. Sea urchins, beautiful fish, crabs, octopuses and even murenas – all possible to see with snorkelling equipment. Go ahead and introduce yourself to Mediterranean fauna under the equatorial sun.

Cliff diving

Cliff diving is something anyone can do in Malta. There are options of 3-, 5-, 10- or even 20-metre high rocks to choose from to jump to the sea. While extreme diving enthusiasts flock to Comino to enjoy the breath-taking 20-metre cliff dive, less-experienced divers can find numerous spots that are safe for diving.


The popularity of canoeing with locals and tourists alike has been on the rise in Malta and therefore it is very easy to find canoes for rent. While water sports outlets on the more popular beaches may charge unreasonable fees for renting a canoe, one will surely find a few places that have very affordable options.

Canoeing in Malta is very exciting. You may rent a canoe and row yourself to only-water reachable spots where you will enjoy complete privacy. Brave travellers even go to Gozo or Comino islands by canoe just from the beach in Malta. Can you imagine going out into the open sea on a canoe?


Sailing is one of the most loved sports in Malta. If you need proof just take a look at what Maltese people keep in their garages. No, not cars. They keep boats in there. Even though it causes a little parking problem in the country, sailors are loyal for their lady boats and won’t give them up.

Malta is ideal for sailing whether on your personal or chartered yacht. There are many boat chartering options in the country and you will surely find a perfect one to fit your needs.

Not much of a sailor yet? Book a sailing course in one of many sailing schools here in Malta and take your family and friends for a nice trip. Don’t forget to make sure they all call you Captain when you do this.

Already a professional? Sign up for exclusive sailing competitions and races here in Malta and show what you and your boat are worth. Malta is a place where you don’t have to worry about the weather conditions – it’s going to be fine, and you can be sure of it.

Wind surfing

Wind surfing is extremely popular in Malta, especially in the beginning and end of the tourism season. Reason for that is very simple – the wind is at its best in May and September. Go on and plan your crazy trip to Malta.

Obviously, you can pack up your kites and bring them here, but if you feel like renting one there will be no problems. Many shops renting wind surfing equipment will be more than happy to help you choose exactly what you need and wish for.

There are plenty of beaches suitable for wind surfing, you may need to do a little research and take a decision on the view you’d like to see when surfing though the waves of Mediterranean Sea: could be sand dunes, could be green hills, could be yellow cliffs, could be many more different things. Find what suits your taste and catch that wind with the sun reflecting in the waves.

Any water sport could be just perfectly enjoyed in Malta because of ideal weather conditions and easy, convenient access to the sea. When in Malta, you may feel like the island is a bit small, but when doing sports in the water you can only feel that the open sea belongs to you.

Whether you decide to Rent a Boat in Malta to relax and unwind or to go diving in the serene Mediterranean Seas, Oceanline Malta has the ideal offer for you!