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Marvelous Hidden Spots of Greece

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Greece is usually regarded as one of the most beautiful countries to visit. With its golden sandy beaches, beautiful islands, the mountainous Andros area, the captivating archaeological sites, Greece is definitely a place you should plan to go for a vacation. The most popular spots of Greece include Athens, Crete, Rhodes, Santorini, etc., but there are so many picturesque places to visit in Greece, which are a bit less popular among tourists.


One of the most spectacular islands to visit is the Milos. It is the largest island in the Cyclades group and it is very popular among the Greek people. The island has many exotic beaches and beautiful architectural views of the villages, such as Pollonia, Plaka, and Klima. You can also walk around the island to enjoy the amazing view of the Aegean Sea.

Sarakiniko, which is the most famous beach in Milos, is covered with white rock, which was caused by the volcanic activities, and this gives it a beautiful perspective worth experiencing.

The island also offers great surfing opportunities. Due to the strong summer winds, surfing has become more popular on the island.


It is another great island to visit, mainly perfect for walking or cycling. This island is composed of two islets Pano Koufonisi and Kato Koufonisi. However, only Pano Koufonisi is populated. Koufonisia has various areas of sightseeing interest such as the churches of Agios Georgios, the piscatorial shelter, the back port, the Carnagio, Profitis Ilias, and Agios Nikolaos.

The island guarantees you with great comfort and relaxation due to its general tranquility, warm sun, and sandy beaches. You will be also provided with the opportunity to tour around the island in a boat to see the existing sea caves and islets, which have been labeled as places of significant natural beauty. This has become a famous tourist destination for the local people because of its inexpensiveness.

Epirus region

The Epirus region of Greece is probably the best-kept secret. It is composed of some of the best and breathtaking sites and views, such as the Vikos Gorge, which is located in the Pindus mountain and is the world’s deepest gorge, the Acheron river preferred for rafting, Lake Ioannina, the archaeological museum of Epirus, Municipal Ethnographic Museum of Ioannina, the stone bridge at Plakida, etc. In addition, there are two beautiful national parks in this region, which are worthwhile to visit.

Karavostasi is perhaps the best well-known and most visited beach in this area due to its crystal water. Back in the town of Perdika, the streets are well designed with gardens, trees and even a water fountain at the central square to provide an amazing pedestrian experience complimented with the friendly locals.

Voutoumi beach

Voutoumi beach is one of the most attractive beaches in Greece. Its crystal clear water, smooth white pebbles all over the shore, and the vegetation provide the beach with a delightful landscape. You can also see vineyards and orchards some distance away from the beach where you can buy and enjoy locally made wine.

The beach is located on the northeastern side of Antipaxos Island. Antipaxos is the tiniest island of the Ionian Islands that provide relaxation and comfort for couples or even families seeking for villa seclusion and are also able to rent a sunbed if they want.

Halkidiki region

Halkidiki is also another destination which offers spectacular views and beautiful hotels, such as the Porto Sani, Achtis Hotel, Sani Asterias, the Beach Front Villa, which provide high-quality services to their customers. Thessaloniki is usually the starting point for trips to Halkidiki and this is where the services of car rental in Thessaloniki Airport are of great value if you really want to enjoy your trip from Thessaloniki to Halkidiki completely.

Thessaloniki has many historical and cultural attractions, which are best experienced at your own comforting pace and this is where renting a car would be also really handy. Such trip from Thessaloniki to Halkidiki by car is complemented with great views of the Monument of Rotonda, the Medieval Castle, the Roman Arch of Galerius, the Church of Saint Demetrius, etc.

Menalon Trail

The Menalon area is situated in Arcadia, the central part of the Peloponnese. It is the wealthiest area in history, nature, and landscapes in Greece. The Menalon Trail is a 72.5-kilometer distance that stretches through nine villages from Stemnitsa to Lagadia and is divided into eight sections.

On your way, you will be able to enjoy the scenery of the Lousios Gorge, Mt. Menalon, the Northeast Gortynia Mountains, and the valley of the Mylaon River, which runs at the bottom of the gorge. All these attractions are magnificent and the views are unbelievable, which make the trip across the Menalon Trail worthwhile and one of the best place for hiking in Greece.

Generally, Greece is a great place to visit and enjoy your holidays. The country offers many landscape views, which are among the most beautiful views in the world.