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Palio: An Effort Of Capturing Italy’s Oldest Horse Race On The Big Screen

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We are all aware of the fact the Europe is one of the world’s most beautiful continent with numerous beautiful and extremely exotic places for us to visit. Italy we all know is a part of beautiful European Union. We might know all the relevant and known facts about Italy, its architecture, the land being called as the world of Shakespeare and wonderfully flavoured cuisine. What we do not know about Italy are its horses and a biannual horse race that occurs every year in Siena which is also a beautiful small town situated in Italy. Everyone in this world fancies horses and it is a complete treat while we watch them run. Sienna is also known as the red bricked town, when you visit Italy you cannot just leave without visiting Siena. Thus the most favorable time for visiting and touring Sienna should be when these horse races happen that is around 2nd of July and 16th of August every year. In the year of 2015, there was a short documentary film which featured this amazing and explicit horse race and the film was entitled as Palio. If you ever happen to Find the Oldest Horse Race on Film then the results will automatically display the name Palio.

Find the Oldest Horse Race Caught on Film:

It is a very special documentary film which holds a special place in the hearts of all the Palio lovers and horse lover across the world. It is a British film which features the oldest and the most ancient horse race which is also a tradition in the town of Siena. It was directed by Cosima Spender and produced by John Gay Rees and John Hunt. The script of the documentary was a joint and collaborated effort of both the producers who had worked really hard in the making of this amazing historic film. When this film was watched on the big screen it had revived the best adventurous memories people had which were associated with this race.

In the year 2015, on April 15th this film was premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival. That day was a lucky day for the cast and the crew members as the movie won the award for Best Editing the same day on the Festival. It helped the film to gain a lot of fame and public recognition which opened the doors for the film to get nominated for the category of Best Documentary for British Independent Film Awards. The 92 minute film features the rise of a rider named Giovanni Atzeni. It had been very successful in catching eth attention of the audience towards the amazing historic horse race and critics had also approved of the effort.

No other feature documentary has ever shown this auspicious and traditional horse race in a way in which Palio depicts it. Many critics have rated this movie as the most crowd pleasing sports saga which is a huge compliment for the team. So if you have not watched it yet, then you should do it right now!