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Rental Concepts that Create Successful Events

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Creating and putting together an event that will give your guests the ultimate “wow” factor takes time, preparation, and a reliable rental company. Event rentals Nashville has everything you need to succeed with concepts that redefine a standard party.

Glow Tables

Proper lighting isn’t just for movies and Television shows. Glow tables add accents to an overall theme while creating an environment that suits your needs.

So Cool events in Nashville has event rentals that offer a wide selection of glow tables, featuring them in various sizes and shapes. Choose a simple item like a glowing pedestal to deliver awards from, or handpick a combination of circular and round tables that use a spandex covering to accent your color choices.

You can also use these tables for buffets to highlight various foods, or at the bar to give a subtle nightclub feel for that annual corporate event.


Using mirrors got overplayed and overdone in the 70s and 80s, but modern-day designs have revolutionized this accessory to be functional and practical once again.

With items such as a mirror display wall, round and long mirror tables, and the ever-popular mirror bar, event rentals Nashville has perfected the use of mirrors with lighting.

Light without a reflective surface comes off dull and amateurish looking. When paired properly with a mirrored effect, you can turn an average event into an A-list style party.

Event Lighting

Whether you’re hosting an event in a hall or outdoors, event lighting sets the overall tone for the environment you are looking to create. It’s also one of the first items noticed by your guests.

First impressions are a big deal for pulling off a successful event. Event lighting comes in a variety of forms such as:

  • Monogram and logo projection
  • Room lighting
  • Edison lights
  • Club lighting
  • Italian string lights
  • Fontainebleau lighting


Adding casino tables to an event livens up a party instantly, and can be profitable for fundraising campaigns and charities. Standard tables can look boring and forced, but glowing tables form a relaxing environment that can open wallets to raise money for a good cause.

Choose from items like glow dice, or a blackjack table that has a spandex covering around the base and a glass top. You can even go “all in” with a craps lighted table that will have your guests entranced and entertained all night long.


Event rentals Nashville is rated at the top when it comes to providing accents and décor items. Special items like various charging stations that glow is easy on the eyes while providing a service for your guests.

Add an acrylic lighted dance floor to liven up a wedding, or go simple with a lighted corn hole game for a casual outdoor event.

Choosing a décor that fits your themes and colors is an important addition to consider when creating a successful event.