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Shimla – A Perfect Travel Getaway for Family Vacation

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Shimla is a picturesque hill station situated in the Indian state of Himachal Pradesh. Adorned with lush green Deodar trees, gushing rivers, tranquil lakes, and snow-capped mountains, Shimla is one of the most beautiful getaways for a perfect family vacation. And I was lucky enough to experience a breathtaking trip with my loved ones.

Basically, We belong to New Delhi, the capital of India and my husband decided to plan a trip to Shimla this December on the occasion of my Mother-in-law’s birthday. So, me, my husband, two of my sons, and my in laws decided to head towards Shimla one day before my Mother-in-laws birthday.

Since Shimla is well connected to its neighboring places like New Delhi and Chandigarh through national highways, it took us approximately 10 hours by road to reach the Paradise, Shimla.  

We reached Shimla at 7 a.m. in the morning and instantly checked in a hotel surrounded with beautiful views. The children were really excited for their Grand ma’s birthday. So, they already started a count down and were really excited to celebrate their granny’s birthday in such a surreal place. We had a healthy breakfast and took a short nap so that we can later go out to explore Shimla without feeling exhausted. At 10 a.m, we went out to see the one of the famous tourist attractions – the Ridge. The church and the national flag of India were looking beautiful and pleasant. The children had a great time there.

Then, we decided to step out to explore the famous mall road of Shimla, which is also the most visited place in Shimla. We did a little shopping from there and we started looking for a bakery where we can get a freshly baked birthday cake for my mother-in-law’s midnight birthday celebration. We found some bakeries but the cakes were not that fresh. So, we really got worried about my mom-in-law’s midnight birthday celebration. But, I was relieved when my husband said we can order a nutritious birthday cake online from FlowerAura without any hassle. So, we placed an order of a delicious kiwi cake and availed a same day delivery. And, trust me,the cake we received was so fresh, mushy,fluffy, and delicious. This cake was probably the best gift for mother. She really liked it. We were all so satisfied with the delivery services of FlowerAura, which delivers cake on time even in hill stations. FlowerAura surely made my mom-in-law’s birthday a memorable one.

We had an amazing time that night and the next day we went to explore the Jakhoo temple which is near the hill station of Shimla is situated at an elevation of 8000 ft and offers breathtaking view of the Shivalik ranges. At Jakhoo temple, my children were amused to see the 30 meter tall statue of Hanuman-the tallest idol in the world.

Then, we went out to explore the Green Valley, which is a surreal view point with lush green trees on all sides and snow-capped mountains on the other side of the valley. And, my family vacation in Shimla ended with this beautiful place. This was probably one of the best travel experiences that I have ever had.