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Singapore tops UN ranking on cybersecurity strategy

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Singapore it seems, has done more than anyone else to improve their standing as far as cyber security is concerned – at least according to a new report coming out of the United Nations.

The report published by the UN claims that Singapore is the only country on the planet that has a nearly perfect approach to cyber security today, with far less vulnerabilities compared to pretty much every other developed nation on the planet today. Most of the first world has quite a few cyber security flaws that are easily exploitable why other nations around the world, and these flaws pose a significant risk to the defense and economy of these countries.

Singapore is not taking their position as the world leader on cyber security strategy likely, either.

Understanding that extreme wealth reads extreme cybercrime, and that no matter how advanced their cyber security solutions may be right now they have to stay vigilant to fight against attacks today, tomorrow, and years down the road, Singapore is happy to share the advanced technology approaches they have been able to pioneer in this field with any partner nation interested in improving their own standing as far as cyber security is concerned.

Reporting that there is still a major bridge between countries as far as the awareness, knowledge, and capacity necessary to deploy proper of cyber security strategies and technology, the UN is encouraging partner nations throughout the organization to take full advantage of all that Singapore is willing to share.

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This report also shows that the United States comes in second as far as Global Cyber Security Indexes are concerned, but the gap between the second spot in the first spot is considered to be tremendous. This shows that Singapore has a real serious dedication to improving their cyber security, but it also shows that they have been able to pioneer and deploy solutions that are even more advanced than a country the size and stature of the United States.

Rounding out the top 10 in this new security audit were Malaysia, Oman, Estonia, Mauritius, Australia, Georgia, France, and Canada. Russia arrived at number 11, with India ranked at 25 – just a single spot placing in front of Germany while China lagged behind the 34th position.

Cyber security is not just a product of technology, either. Singapore has crafted a number of laws, regulations, and processes necessary to improve the cyber security of not just their governmental agencies but companies, organizations, and private groups throughout the country as well.

Singapore understands just how holistic an approach needs to be taken when it comes to cyber security today, which is why they have so many organizations working together in perfect cooperation to pioneer solutions that will be effective today as well as tomorrow.

Of all the major nations around the world, Spain was a surprise letdown as far as cyber security is concerned. They placed three spots behind North Korea, with next to no cooperation with the outside world. Ideally Spain will interface with Singapore in the near future to come up with effective solutions to improve their cyber security ASAP.

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