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Technology- the oomph in your gadgets

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Owning cool and the latest gadgets has been a trend for a while now, especially among the youth of the nation. Technological advancements show in every phase of life, from cell phones to computer soft-wares, lifestyle gadget and machines. Remember when Blackberry Messenger was the talk of the town? Well, now it isn’t. You may ask why so, but the logic is simple. Better things have been developed and brought in front of the world, giving them the urge to try newer things. Whatsapp messenger 5-6 years back used to be an uncommon portal to communicate through, but not now. Today it is the most commonly used communication portal in a persons’ phone along with various other chat portals.

The rise of the new age:

New generation kids know more about technological discoveries than many adults out there. With the touch of a button they can not only study, they can expand their knowledge towards various things which schools won’t let them learn. Even though usage of too many gadgets may not be recommendable for kids, still, they get the exposure which schools or parents might not be able to give them.

The application of scientific knowledge in a practical setting and executing the idea can be tedious. Hence every idea takes a lot of time to carry out and follow up. Technology takes a lot of time to deliver and is costly, hence, promising good results.

Back to history!

It all started with the advent of utilizing natural resources for the development of something new and innovative. Something which helps in simplifying jobs and cuts down time consumed for a work. It has direct effects on the development of a particular company and then together, a nation. No wonder certain European countries are excellent in automotive technologies than the others, they stand out. They are innovative and are good at what they do. They carry out promises. Similarly, technology helps in growth of an entire nation, first the company and individuals and then overall.

Why buy the flashy stuff?

As technology has developed more, people now want things which look good and flashy. They need the oomph factor to lure out the boredom from things. Why would Apple release an updated version of their phone every year, the features are almost same, but trends are changing, other companies are developing newer software and hence they too can’t fall back. People have trust in a certain brand, and hence they invest into it. It becomes more of a show-off than actual utilization. For example, a 16-year-old might not even need a high-end phone but wants one to keep up with following trend and peer pressure. Technology is like an addiction for some. Strange indeed!

The question is, is it worth all the money to be updated to the latest technological advancements? It is all subjective. If a person has the resources and the passion for gadgets, it is definitely worth it. But the same does not stand true for a person who just stays updated due to the hype with no knowledge of the device. It just disrespects the gadget, which it deserves. Another factor with growing technology along with gadgets, people should update their knowledge and then use such gadgets. There is no point of giving an expensive game boy in a kid’s hand with no knowledge of the kid as to how to use it. It is basically a waste of resource. Just because the kid cries for one, seeing his friend have the same gadget, doesn’t mean that he/she deserves it.

Teenagers and tech savvy gamers across the country purchase and indulge in various gaming products every day, why do they do this? The answer is because they have the knack for it and are passionate about it. They form the majority of the buyers of that particular market. Every technological wonder has its own buyers, made only for that population. So before investing into an iPhone just because of its camera, give it a thought. Is it worth it? Why not buy a DSLR instead and carry out your passion? Unless of-course it is just for entertainment purpose and mindless selfies!

Invest into meaningful things, you and your monster gadget will stand out. There is nothing sexier than a man who knows his way around with his machines. Before buying a cool gadget in town, learn more about it. You will add the extra oomph to the gadget and your personality.