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Thailand – Economy and investment in Asia

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Some of the biggest worldwide industries and brand names have a presence in Thailand, either with a subsidiary or full production facilities, and as more firms invest, the country’s infrastructure as a whole is continually improved to accommodate the growth. Thailand has an extremely strong manufacturing and agricultural export base which is supported by a vibrant tourism industry.

Thailand is also an original member of The Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), which is an economic organization bringing ten Asian countries together such as Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia in an effort to give security and economic integration across Asia. In terms of power, this joint agreement relates to the ninth largest economic power worldwide and more countries look set to become involved in the future.

The climate, value for money and an easy going lifestyle are the main reasons individuals decide to invest a property in Thailand . This normally takes the form of property purchases and small to medium sized business start-ups. Many will take advantage of the relatively low prices compared to its developed neighbours such as Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan and South Korea and can afford to take on a property of vastly higher specification than they could possibly get for the same money in their home country. For some it’s a permanent move. For others it’s the freedom to live and relax in property abroad that they actually own, or to own a property that can really work for them as an investment in terms of rental or resale.

In terms of risk, there is no more associated risk with property investment in Thailand than anywhere else. Thousands of expats live in Thailand and many have been there for years. There is continuing investment and development in all major cities and this development filters down to surrounding areas over time. This is resulting in an economic environment that’s continuing to stabilize and strengthen in terms of employment, advancement and security generally. Property prices may fluctuate in the short-term but this is a factor influenced by the present economic, environmental or political issues rather than the long-term economic projection.

Political unrest, public demonstrations and natural disasters can be a part of any country and this includes Thailand. Life in any country is governed in part by these factors and is reported by the worldwide media to a a greater or lesser degree depending in part on each countries economic relationship. However history has proved that Thailand has a seemingly “Bullet Proof Economy” and those on the ground know the real story and the evidence of continued major property development in Thailand would indicate that things are being set for an optimistic future.

On a more practical level, investment can be determined by personal access to a country in terms of residency such as visas and investment regulations for foreigners. These are difficulties faced by any foreigner investing abroad. Thailand does have the usual application processes and restrictions and these are generally in a state of flux due to frequent changes in political views or immigration policies, but generally, these hurdles can be overcome on a long-term basis with the right advice and research.