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The best educational games to learn figures with your child

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It is not an easy taskto teach figures and simple mathematical techniques to young children, so children’s familiarity with mathematics should take place in an exciting and colorful atmosphere. The educational games from Manamonster can help you with this. They make it easyto introduce the child to the figures, numbers, bases of the account, arithmetic actions. To play this games with numbers or other educational games just click here.

  1. The Smurfs Find The Numbers

You are waiting for an exciting game where you need to find hidden numbers. You can find a list of all the necessary numbers at the bottom of the screen. The task is complicated by the fact that the picture will have a lot of different toys from the popular cartoon about Smurfs. These toys are piled up and cause great difficulties in finding something. To simplify the task, take a magnifying glass.

  1. Caterpillar Count

How many leaflets should each caterpillar eat to become a pupa? How many days should the pupa lie with the caterpillar inside so that a beautiful butterfly hatches from it? How many butterflies will you be able to grow in the online game Caterpillar Count?An excellent educational game Caterpillar Count will help children learn numbers and mathematical actions. Choose a type of game, collect figures and caterpillars will grow in front of your eyes, pupate and turn into wonderful butterflies!

  1. Aladdin Hidden Numbers

This is an educational game based on the cartoon Aladdin, which will be interesting not onlyto spend time, but also to train mindfulness and to learn numbers. You will be transported eastward to the fabulous Agraba country. Wanting to seize the power of the Sultan, this time the vizier Jafar cast a spell on the kingdom, so that all the figures disappear. Without them, it will be impossible to trade or to make calculations, so the city may go bankrupt. The Genie with Jasmine and Alladin, as always, are going to save Agraba, but they need your help. Take a magnifying glass and find the disguised figures in the pictures of the game.