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The Lions of Rugby Union.

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It probably gives the Southern Hemisphere teams great joy when they see that four years has come around and the Nations of Ireland, Scotland, England and Wales are putting a team together to come and play them. I say joy because it must give them some sense of achievement to know that 4 nations need to pool their resources to take them on in a series of tests. They have been doing this since 1888 in a commercial venture to espouse the benefits of the game. It is certainly a case for the teams of Springboks, Pumas, All Blacks and Wallabies to get the Rugby Training drill Videos out to further enhance their playing skills. Clad in red the Lions look to strike fear in the hearts of their enemies.

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They had a bit of an issue with what colours to play in. It is red now, but the gelling of the home nations does not always run smoothly and whilst on paper it would appear that a conglomeration of the brightest and best that England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland can offer is going to stomp over anyone. This does not always happen. The colour of the shirts is the subject of debate as the organisers have tried to honour all the flags of the home nations. They started out with a Blue white and red hoops then it became just white and red with blue socks and shorts. Back came the red white a blue hoop up to nineteen four then they went for a chunky red with a big middle white hoop. This lasted for two years until 1910 and the colours were blue shirt white shorts and red socks with a white hoop and this was the case until the second world war and there were no tours again until the 1950s. They finally settle on the red shirt, white shorts and blue socks with a green hoop. Finally, the Irish flag gets a representation.

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They also can’t decide on a tune to come out to. Originally God Save the Queen was proposed as at least 3 of the teams had the UK’s sovereign as their head of state but this was met with some rather pointed comments from the Irish players as they had spent some considerable time in Ireland trying to create a free state away from British rule, and hence why it is the British and Irish lions. God Save the Queen was used in 1989 but was soon dropped as it was deemed inappropriate. A song called the Power of Four was introduced in 2005 in an attempt to try and find something for the team to come onto but it was a tuneless dirge and was seen as a contributing factor to the three nil series they got handed. The Lions have so far won 15 series and the South 20.