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The US-Japan Talks Concerning the 2015 “Comfort Women “Agreement and Other International Issues

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The term “comfort women” stands for a group of women forced to work during and before the world war two in the Japanese military brothels. The formation of a treaty relating to the Korean comfort women was to help bury the hatchet by finding solutions to any unresolved issues. Both Korea and the United States recognize the importance of the issue regarding the South Korean comfort women deal with Seoul and support the implementation of the 2015 agreement in findings solutions and moving forward.

A discussion occurred between John Sullivan, the U.S deputy state secretary, and Shinsuke Sugiyama, the foreign minister on Monday at the state department. The debate entailed both parties agreeing to the implementation of the vital Korean comfort women agreement. However, Moon, who took office a month ago after replacing Park Geunhye actively, critiqued the deal accepted by his predecessor claiming that the citizens of South Korea did not agree with the agreement.

During the meeting at the state department, Sugiyama expressed his view to Sullivan concerning the implementation of the South Korean comfort women deal that he suggests is highly valued by the United States and most importantly by the international community. Sugiyama was very impressed with how the United States responded positively to supporting the deal and how the international community also sympathized with the victims and choosing to support the excellent course.

One of the actions that Japan took towards the implementation of the policy was by disbursing ¥ one billion in the previous year to go towards the South Korean fund that will ensure the provision of support for the women who suffered under the Japanese military brothels. Furthermore, the prime minister, Shinzo Abe firmly condemned the actions experienced by the victims and sympathized with the women by offering his apologies to them.

One of the downfalls of the agreement of the treaty was the one that Moon promised to address by renegotiating the terms; he pledged to act on the issue during his campaigns for elections. The problem was the fact that the deal failed in voicing out the comfort women stories. The agreement did not allow for the comfort women testimonies to the public. Therefore, the people do not have the real idea of the comfort women stories and experiences. The comfort women testimonies are essential to the victims and the community to fully understand them and support them appropriately with the full knowledge of the actual realities underwent. A part of South Koreans expressed this issue also to help the victims heal and free themselves from what they hold inside.

Other issues discussed during the discussions at the state department include the recognition by Sugiyama to the bilateral relationship growing between moons administration and Japan. Sugiyama expressed the intention of Tokyo to increase the partnership by increasing trilateral coordination with Washington following the North Koreas development of missile and nuclear weapons.

Sugiyama recognized the importance of partnership and togetherness in fighting the efforts by the North Korean authority to develop missile and nuclear programmes. During the discussion, Sugiyama and Sullivan agreed that both Japan and the United States should resort to applying sanctions on North Korea in applying efforts to stop North Korea from the attempts to create and develop missile and nuclear weapons. The penalties were just but efforts to politely discourage the development of atomic weapons that causes fear and uncertainty globally. The other proposed strategy during the meeting was to the efforts to convince China, which is the primary beneficiary to the northern economy and diplomacy, to join hands in the efforts to stop its neighbor from the dangerous nuclear development.