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Unsafe Weight Loss Pills: How to Identify Them?

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“Fast weight loss pills without dieting”, “fast weight loss 10-15 pounds in a week”, “fast weight loss without exercise” … are attractive advertisements which are appearing a lot on the internet. However, if not find out careful, users are easy to choose weight loss drugs wrongly that are harmful to health.

So, how to identify the unsafe weight loss pills while there’re so many kinds of them on the market? Let’s find out right now.

How to identify unsafe weight loss pills?

1.     The product has no clear origin

Products lack of supplier information, distribution, expiry date, no labels … are products that are not licensed by Ministry of Health and very difficult to control as well as intervene if the user has health problems.

Among them, many products containing active ingredients have been banned by the Drug Administration or Ministry of Public Health. Also, products that have not been studied in clinical studies are not safe because they have not been proved to eliminate possible adverse reactions.

2.     False advertising

People who want to lose weight need to be alert to unverified advertising such as “lose 10 pounds in a week”, “fast weight loss without exercise or dieting”, … because weight loss can not achieve overnight. It is recommended that each person should only reduce 5-10% of the total weight in a month, but for safety reasons, only 5% reduction is best.

3.     Many side effects occur when using

Most of the weight loss supplements have a laxative effect, stimulate the sympathetic, create a feeling of full … to force the body to lose weight in a short time. The users will experience side effects such as anorexia, abdominal distention, dry lips due to dehydration, fatigue, heart palpitations, decreased health …

There have been many patients hospitalized in a dangerous condition, repeated vomiting with signs of liver failure, kidney failure, respiratory system, or cardiovascular system is severely damaged after weight loss program with laxatives, fast diet pills, …

Some principles to know when taking a weight loss pills

If you use nonprescription appetite suppressant, you should buy reputable products of clear origin. Note that the first day when you use them, before or after taking the pills, you need to eat fully. Because this is the first time you get used to the product, it will quickly work, your body needs to have enough energy to get used to it.

Two days after using any weight loss pills like phentermine or phenq, your body will feel full and automatically eat less. It is important that you need to eat enough meals, not skipping meals while using the product.

To achieve a body you want, do not rely too much on weight loss pills. Instead, you should have a proper nutrition and exercise regularly.

When you reach your desired weight, stop taking your weight loss medication, continue to maintain a suitable diet and work out routinely for the best results.


I believe now you can identify unsafe weight loss pills after reading this post. Hopefully, you could find for yourself a safe and suitable weight loss method. Thank you so much for reading and see you soon.