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What are the benefits if trained and certified doulas to give support during child birth?

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The women right from the beginning have been given extra care and support by the family during child birth. They are guided by the families and friends throughout the tender and early weeks of motherhood. The birth of a child is something that is very special to all and so they are nurtured from the beginning to the end.

Importance of trained doulas

The role of doulas has been expanded and professionalised. Hence doula training has become rampant in the international world. They are trained and given certificates so that they can support the expecting mothers in a professional manner.

What do they offer?

  • Physical support – The doula training is mainly given so that they can give physical support though the mothers. They are trained about the position ideas for comfort and also the labor progression that includes the comfort measures. They are made so skilled that they understand the position of the baby and help even the malpositioned babies to find its way through the pelvis.
  • Emotional support – The doulas help the families by easing their emotional experience of birth. This helps to create spaces that the hormones of labor work on their best. The families do benefit from doulas irrespective of the fact that the child birth is unmedicated or medically complex.
  • Partner support – This means that the partner of the mother whether friend or family or romantic partner, the experience matters. The doulas are there to support them so that they are involved in the complete process of child birth.

The doulas are basically trained to help families connect with the all the resources that are based on evidence. This is for helping to ask great questions and also make informed decisions about the births. They provide bridge of communication between the women and the providers.