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What Should You Expect to Pay for Window Installation?

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Windows are important for your property – not only do they bring warmth and light into your home, they also add aesthetic value to your property. Moreover, they also help protect your home from intruders and elements. Therefore, it is important to take your time and ensure that you invest in high quality windows. And of course, high quality windows are going to cost you some. How much windows cost you depend on several factors. For instance:

  • The material of the window will determine its cost. Windows made of wood are a lot more expensive than vinyl windows.
  • The size of the windows will play a role here. It means the cost of installation will go up with an increase in the size of your windows.
  • The type of window you want installed will also affect the bottom line. You will have to pay different for fixed windows as compared to ones that slide.

What’s more, the cost of window installation may also change depending on the overall quality of the windows – whether you want single or double-glazing windows installed will have an impact too. Here is what you should expect to pay for different types of windows:

  • You may have to pay up to $100 for a 600mm x 600mm window – that is for a fixed window
  • You may have to pay up to $300 for 600 mm x 1200 mm window – that is for a hinged window.
  • You may have to pay at least $150 for budget double glazed windows.
  • You may have to pay up to $1250 per square meter for high quality double glazed timer and aluminum windows.

There may be a change in prices depending on your supplier, but sometimes, you can hope to get a discount if you buy all your windows from one supplier. However, it is important to mention that some suppliers would give you a quote after including the installation cost. In most cases, you have to pay $40 to $45an hour for window installation. It is usually difficult to get one quote unless the installer has seen the nature of the job. Depending on the nature of the job, you may have to pay $50/hour for window installation. Expect to pay less if you decide to have all your windows installed at the same time. Installers are willing to charge less in this case because this reduces travel and setup time.

In order to get accurate quotes, you can use online resources but be sure to provide them with as much details as possible. You should tell them about the number of windows you want installed, what type of windows you want to buy, how large your windows should be, and what structural modifications you need. To get all these details, you will have to spend some time doing all the measurements. Measure all the openings and write down the type of window you require. After you have received their quotes, be sure to compare them and do not forget to check the credentials of different suppliers and installers before finalizing your decision.