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With travel authorization workflow your journey is simplified

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When the world is bent upon automation in a quest to simplify the journey in the business, the travel authorization workflow becomes critical.  Travel authorization and reimbursement is one of the most used workflows across the continents. Digitizing the workflow template to suit the mosaic structure of the organizations’ culture is pretty simple. No matter what level or geographical difference or time frame, making the workflow tailor made is feasible. And in the process, the functionality and efficiency of the organization go up manifold. The advantage of a travel authorization workflow is that the customers are benefitted by the deployment of such workflow and it is simple.

The major advantages of the travel authorization workflow are as follows

  • The entire process of filling in the information of the employees is automated.
  • There are little chances of errors in calculations, authority or temporary sanctions.
  • The whole process is validated in real time keeping and the omissions nil.
  • Electronic signatures and vouchers are applicable even for a mobile platform with the full version cut out for the mobile platform.
  • The added advantage is the travel approval is feasible anytime, anywhere and on any device.

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In short, digitizing this routine workflow can be advantageous in your in time and cost.

The travel authorization works in tandem with the confluence workflows; HR process automation tagged with AP automation, cloud workflows, financial automation, financial workflow, HR automation, HR workflows and travel reimbursement. Earlier before implementing this utility, the time spent between departments like HR to Marketing took a chunk of the manpower. The reimbursing process was always clumsy and irritating.

The advantage is that you can modify your own fully functional travel authorization and reimbursement workflow. The structure of different organizations varies substantially. Before undertaking a trip, the employees should have the sanction, permission, and money which is done by the Travel Authorization and Reimbursement workflow. With a proper workflow, all the ambiguities are made null and void and bring in transparency. The submission of the expense statement or card statement and the verification thereof is usually cumbersome, but now you are the arsenal with the right tool, the whole process is simplified, you need not be a tech-savvy person to do this exercise as the automated workflow would excellently do the job. In some cases, additional expenses like extended stay or entertainment need to be sanctioned. So far that was a tedious process but not now.

The reconciliation of expenses usually calls for some ill feeling between the actual user and the finance department. Now that too is eliminated as the estimated and actual expenses are transparent. The process is streamlined even when the employee is in another country in a different time zone. All it takes is just a couple of minutes -with travel authorization workflow your journey is simplified.