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YouTube Offline mode or YouTubNow – Choose any one for video download

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When we get bored with our constant office work, we look for entertainment. For instant amusement, most of us rely on our Smartphone. We like to listen to music and watch videos, and YouTube is mostly the chosen platform to get all these entertainments.  As YouTube has a collection of several videos, we like to visit this site for our purpose. However, YouTube is not accessible to us when the internet connection is available on our device. Originally, YouTube has been designed for displaying the videos online. But, recently, YouTube has added an offline feature for the convenience of some of the device users.

Offline mode, offered by YouTube

The iOS and Android users can use this feature while they have no internet network. With the use of Wi-Fi connection and mobile data, they will be able to watch the ad-supported videos. Thus, one of the demerits is that you have to wait until the ads are streamed fully. Moreover, all the videos are not available for you to be downloaded for offline view mode. Lots of Indian video contents are downloadable by using this feature.

In addition to it, any video that you have downloaded on your device can be run offline just for forty-eight hours. Then, you should have internet connection for re-syncing the content with your YouTube site.

To use the offline mode, you have to run your YouTube app, installed on the Smartphone. Then, open the particular video that is to be downloaded right now. You can find an icon, indicating- Add to Offline feature. However, while your chosen video is not set for offline mode, you will see a cross sign, in adjacent to the icon. Those videos are not downloadable and cannot be viewed offline.

You can now navigate here to find another option for download and to avoid the above limitation.

Find the better option for download

YouTubNow is the most desirable solution that we can present to all YouTube visitors and video watchers. There is no time restriction on watching the downloaded videos. As one of the useful tools, YouTubNow enables you in downloading the preferred videos instantly. After downloading the video, you can watch it anytime from your device. You may also transfer the videos to another device and adjust the file format.

Thus, visit the site and get all these advantages as YouTube lover.